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Can I also have the 8 hour plan? Can all these be taken with alcohol? Hi, go for sucoslim and raspberry ketone plus. Blocks calories from rice, noodles etc alcohol is carbo too. I would recommend to reduce if possible and have water as the preferred beverage.

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Next raspberry ketone plus is a pure fat burner helps to max up your body metabolism. Raspberry ketone plus taken with breakfast and lunch only. Sucoslim taken with all 3 meals. Hi Seller, I have already placed my order and I am interested in getting a copy of the 8hr diet. Could you kindly send me a copy? Hi, most certainly. Do your best to follow as many days as you can. It compact the eating time allowing body to metabolise the body fat, expediting weight loss. Hi, may i know what is your current weight and height?

Please see attached. Hi, go for either raspberry ketone plus or garcinia max. Garcinia max is an appetite controller, it will be more effective with the 8 hour diet plan than raspberry ketone plus.

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Those last couple of kilos for your body are harder to shred the combination can jumpstart your weight loss. Oh I ordered the ketone plus. I just ordered oxyplus and sucoslim. Will u be able to change one oxyplus to garcinia for me to try out? Hi, your order is shipped out this afternoon. Delivery takes working days. Earliest delivery will be on thursday. Hi, you have Sucoslim, Garcinia Max and Oxyplus.

For the best weight loss results with them. It is very simple. Take 1 capsule of Garcinia Max with tablets of Sucoslim, 10 mins before meals. Hi, you can add on raspberry ketone plus. Garcinia max and sucoslim should be effective fir u together with the 8 hour diet plan. Let me know if you have difficulty following it, maybe i can suggest way to simplify it?

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I am taking garcinia MAx, Sucoslim and oxyplus now. When should I take ketone plus? I am also one 8 hour diet. Hi, take 1 capsule of Raspberry ketone plus with Garcinia Max 10 to 15 mins before breakfast and lunch only. Watch the food portion size as Garcinia is to make you feel fuller for longer with less food. Hi seller, I have been taking raspberry ketone plus and sucoslim for 2 weeks, I put on 1 kg. Hi, sucoslim is best taken 10 to 15 mins before food.

Some customers unknowingly had more food portion then usual.

Also drink plenty of water. Ideally urine colour is clear with a tint of yellow in case of water retention. Hi seller, Regular buyer here, may I know what is the expiry of the latest batch? Regards, Loyal customer. Appreciate your loyal support!

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Hi, sure please see attached. It is simple yet very effective for weight loss.

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Hi, can i know guide to take these 3 product for fast better effect? Tummy pretty bad.

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My diet usually: Lunch cereal with superfood or noodles or nothing and heavier dinner. Food type im taking usually noodles, fried food, rice, pizza or fast food. Buffet on weekend sometime. No exercise. Great appreciated for your assistance. Hi, may I know your current weight and height? There are carbs rice noodles pizza dough so I would recommend sucoslim and Raspberry ketones plus.

For the best results, take 2 tablets of Sucoslim and 2 capsules of Raspberry ketone plus mins before lunch and only sucoslim with your dinner. Hi, previously got oxyplus and sucoslim. Interested to add this. Trying to lose weight as weight stagnant. How can I take this with Sucoslim or any recommendation what I can take to aid weight loss?

Am using the haruka slimming gel too. Hi, I would recommend the advanced 8 hour diet to boost your weight loss. Check out the attached plan. Hi seller, I have raspberry Kenzo in my cupboard and plan to buy sucoslim as I usually take bread and noodle for my breakfast and lunch. My breakfast is around 8.

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Will it be too close to take sucoslim between breakfast and lunch? When to add on raspberry kenzo? Lunch will be fried fish noodle. Hi, to check, what is raspberry kenzo? It is more important to take tablets of sucoslim depending on portion sizes mins before eating.

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Hi for fast weight loss, should i combine raspberry ketone with oxyplus or sucoslim? Can you also recommend the dosage too? Realised that you have a 8 hr diet plan, do you mind sharing? Hi, if you are a carbo person, having more rice, noodles, bread and pasta, I would recommend you to go for Raspberry Ketone plus combination with Sucoslim. The dosage is dependable on the carbo portion, 2 tablets for bigger meal.

Oxyplus is more to cleanse your system and flatten tummy, especially effective if you have bloated stomach or irregular and non thorough bowel movements. Hi, i wold recommend you to combine Raspberry Ketone plus to maximise your body metabolism at rest and during exercise. And add on Sucoslim, it is a carbo blocker, you only take it when you consume carbs such as rice, noodles and bread etc. Garcinia Max burns fat and control appetite. Which is more effective will depends on your lifestyle. Hope this helps!